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Home engineer, Motivator, and Believer.

The journey to a more peaceful home isn’t straight-forward or simple. But even with all the complexities domesticity brings, it’s never too late to discover a system that works for you.  

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Daily Essentials Checklist

Consider this your first step. When in doubt, starting these daily essentials will keep the chaos build-up low, and your energy high, so you can focus on the more important things.  


The Weekly Refresh Checklist

Seven tasks to keep your home fresh. Knock ‘em out all at once, or divide and conquer. However you choose, don’t forget to treat yourself when its over! 


Monthly Cleaning Checklist

5 spaces total, 1 space per week. Targeting one space at a time keeps your energy focused and your mind at ease. Feeling overwhelmed? Pick the top three tasks, and leave the rest be.  


Aggressive introvert, self-proclaimed movie and midi-dress enthusiast.  

I used to be ashamed with my day job. Being a stay-at-home mom wasn’t the fabulous career I prepared for, and as shame and chaos raged, home felt more like a prison than a sanctuary. My journey to self love and acceptance, while flawed and imperfect as I am, began with the decision to seek my own empowerment through the job I chose. Hi, my name is Rosa and I am a Home Engineer. I am not perfect, but I am enough.  

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Ready To Rethink The Way You’re Keeping Your Home Clean?  

No more all-day cleaning marathons. The effectiveness of this system comes from a single idea: limit build-up. Do this by tackling your mess in small doses at more regular intervals. “Regular” is whatever you can manage during your day, week, and month. There’s no one-size fits-all routine, but once you start noticing the rhythm of your home you can tailor your checklists to your mess. And soon you’ll realize how capable you are of tackling each one.  

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Here you can find some of my favorite tools from cleaning and organization, to beauty and self care. If you’re a fan of gold accents and neutral tones, I’m sure you’ll find a few things to add to your cart.  

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