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Ready to De-Stress Your Cleaning Game?

No more cleaning in a crisis. Expect the mess with daily, weekly, and monthly routines. Use these checklists as a guide to build your own routines to care for yourself and your home. The goal is not to get everything done in one night, it’s to build slow, sustainable habits that work for you

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Daily Essentials Checklist

Consider this your first step. When in doubt, starting these daily essentials will keep the chaos build-up low, and your energy high, so you can focus on the more important things.  


The Weekly Refresh Checklist

Seven tasks to keep your home fresh. Knock ‘em out all at once, or divide and conquer. However you choose, don’t forget to treat yourself when its over! 


Monthly Cleaning Checklist

5 spaces total, 1 space per week. Targeting one space at a time keeps your energy focused and your mind at ease. Feeling overwhelmed? Pick the top three tasks, and leave the rest be.  



Download your free cleaning guide via one of the links I've provided above.


Edit the template to your liking, or keep it as is and print it from home! You can even frame it if you'd like ;)


 Start small. One routine, one space, one task. If you don’t know where to start, the Daily Checklists will help you on your way. Might I suggest beginning with your evening routine? 

With my cleaning checklists

You Will:

+ Learn to think critically about the function of your space and how it takes care of you

+ Develop skills to tackle your mess one step at a time and avoid cleaning burnout

+ Discover your boundaries, limits, and strengths when it comes to keeping a home

+ Create systems that work for you, your home, and your family so you can spend time doing what’s really important 

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