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About me

Hi friends! I'm Rosie, a home engineer and your newest cleaning motivator.

Not-so-undercover superhero nerd, proud Latina, with an (un)healthy obsession for lavender-
scented cleaning products.

fun facts about me


I feel most comfortable in a dress. Preferably one that stops right at my knees, not for any moral reason, but because I hate sitting like a lady and love feeling like a princess.


I love deep discussions about movies and TV. You can tell me your favorite, and I’ll tell you most movies are bad. Im a tough critic!


Any vacation I take must involve a sandy beach and cool ocean waves.


I can’t roller-skate, ski, or ice-skate. Basically anything that involves physical skill and

Then I learned that a peaceful, functional home doesn't require spotless baseboards. 

You don’t have to be a natural-born cleaner or organizer to enjoy keeping a home. For me, this discovery came right before the birth of my second child, I knew I had to change the way my home functioned, and that all started with learning how to manage my mess.

Growing up, our cleaning routine involved a full-day cleaning marathon one Saturday out of the month. While my mother was undoubtedly managing most tasks from behind-the-scenes, I distinctly remember resenting the dusty baseboards, cluttered bathroom counter, and moldy shower, yuck. As I got older, I adopted the philosophy: clean when your mess when you’re passed stressed. AKA, crisis cleaning. Once I became a stay-at-home mom, this was the rule that drove my environment, mindset, and home. Always catching my breath, struggling to stay afloat, and wondering how long I would be stuck in the miserable time loop of domesticity I found myself re-living every day.

Is it possible that a cleaning routine could change your life and make you fall in love with homemaking? Well, I’d be lying if I said that was the golden solution. But it is a tool. A tool that helped me build my confidence in my day job, find more peaceful moments in my own home, and discover that I am not, in fact, destined to be a messy person. I’m just someone in need of a system.

let's get cleaning

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